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Our Programs

Skilled Nursing Facilities - SNFs
We have been working with SNFs for many years helping them adapt and change with the ever-shifting protocols for providing ancillary mental health services to their residents.  We pride ourselves on being innovative in our approach to each facility's needs.  Currently we are working with a number of SNFs that provide rehab services to help their residents and family members deal with the adjustment reactions that impede progression back to a healthy lifestyle.  By providing a tailored program backed up by our staff of independent clinicians, we are able to help you identify problems early and work with family members and staff in helping residents overcome their fears and stabilize their emotional wellbeing.

Assisted Living Facilities - ALFs
ALFs often find the need to provide a multitude of differing mental health services to their residents as age, background, and health histories vary so widely.  By providing licensed psychologists and LCSWs to these facilities we are able to bring a depth of experience and education to properly assess and treat their residents. Our clinicians are capable of serving your residents whether they be elderly, disabled, psychotic, early-stage dementia, or those with chronic mental health problems.  Each person needs an individualized treatment plan from a professional who is trained in identifying and diagnosing their condition, and implementing an effective treatment plan. This is what you receive when a PsychSource clinician is on-site at your facility, consulting with your staff and providing you the mental health skills your residents need.

Long Term Care Facilities - LTCs
t is estimated that for every resident in a long term care setting who does not demonstrate a need for mental health services there are 3 more residents who need to be seen by a mental health professional.  We recognize that staffing this need is an immense undertaking and that is why we bring independent, licensed clinicians to your facility who become a part of your treatment team, identifying residents who need help, and providing them with the therapy they need. Whether it be acting out, pre-stage dementia, loss of appetite, anti-social behavior, or any other indicator of deteriorating mental health, our clinicians will assess and treat your residents giving them the continuity of care they deserve.

Just a small sample
of the education
& training
we can offer
your staff via

  • Behavior Management

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Baker Act

  • Stress Management

  • Depression & Dementia

  • Psychosocial Needs

  • Communicating with the Cognitively Impaired

  • Care at the End of Life

  • Family Involvement