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       Your Source for Mental Health Services
Our Services
Our Management Staff and on-premises clinicians are available for consultation concerning your residents' psychological, emotional, and mental well-being.  We also provide assistance to DONs, and Administrators and social services personnel on planning and implementing a comprehensive mental health strategy.

Evaluation & Treatment

We provide non-billable screening prior to performing an Evaluation to determine the appropriateness of treatment.  In this way our clinicians only see those patients who need our services.  We consult with your staff as we perform the assessment and create the treatment plan.  Our on-premises presence adds to the effectiveness and availability to help your staff meet your residents' mental health needs.

Treatment Team Support
As your virtual in-house mental health department we attend psychotropic and/or treatment team meetings as needed.  We provide the Continuity of Care you desire along with being available for discharge planning and care plan meetings as needed.

Family Support
We pride ourself on being a conduit to family members and loved ones concerning the mental health of your residents.  We know from years of experience that it is important to provide the family with accurate information and encourage their support in their loved ones' treatment.  Our compassionate and caring services extend from the resident to the family where we are able to help you avert unwarranted and costly legal challenges to the care you have provided arising from the mis-information and bereavement of loved ones.

Staff Training & Education
After years of service in this field we are uniquely prepared to meet your need for inservices and continuing education for your staff.  We provide programs that address the current trends in the field, the appropriateness of mental health protocols, and a variety of other issues that cater to the facility's needs.

Services Provided:

  • Comprehensive Assessments

  • Behavior Management

  • Psychotherapy for Residents

  • Staff Education

  • Family Support Services

  • Continuity of Care

  • Weekly Progress Notes

  • Quarterly Treatment Plans

  • On-site Mental Health Staff

  • Pre-evaluation screening

  • Group Therapy

  • Inservices