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       Your Source for Mental Health Services

    PsychSource is comprised of licensed clinical  psychologists and LCSWs whose objective is to assist Long-Term Care facilities in providing compliant and comprehensive mental health services.  We are owned and managed by a licensed psychologist and we have been in business successfully now for over 18 years, making us one of the most trusted names in the field.

    We provide Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care facilities with an on-site mental health team to ease the strain your staff faces in dealing with residents' behavioral and mental health related problems. We allow you to provide the  continuity of care you want.  We enhance your delivery of services with our on-site clinicians who conduct comprehensive psycho- diagnostic assessments; draft,  implement, and oversee mental heath treatment plans; and coordinate family sessions to help loved ones understand and cope with the condition of your residents. 

    All of our services are Medicare compliant and are delivered at no cost to you.  We provide you with the virtual on-premises mental health services you need to alleviate concerns about complying with survey guidelines. Our services assist you in being proactive to stem the tide of legal actions caused by a lack of communication and ineffectual liaison with family members. 

    There are many companies that promise to provide you with the highest quality mental health services but fail to do so because they force their clinicians to meet quotas and lack the experience and training necessary to provide compliant, compassionate care.  At PsychSource we stand behind our 16 years of successful business practices and we pride ourselves on  providing ethical, responsible, and compliant mental health services to the Long Term Care Community.

    If you are a Long Term Care facility and you are not pleased with your mental health provider or you would like to provide a higher level of mental health services, please contact us.  We will come to your facility and work with you in drafting a comprehensive plan for providing competent mental health services to your residents and their families.

Why you should use PsychSource:
  • Our Providers are all Licensed, Independent Clinicians with the highest ethical standards.

  • For over 18 Years we have provided Psychologists & LCSWs to LTC Facilities.

  • All treatment decisions are made on-site by our clinicians in consultation with your staff.

  • We treat only those residents who need our help.

  • We obtain Physicians' Orders and provide comprehensive assessments and progress notes.

  • We help you meet your survey guidelines.

  • All our clinicians are trained in Medicare Compliance.

  • We regularly inform our clinicians of any changes in Medicare Directives.

  • All of our work is compliant, fully documented, and comprehensive in scope.

  • There is no additional cost to your facility.

  • We provide staff training and education via in-services.

  • We are on-site and available for meeting with families and loved ones.